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Our Policy

A Contract with the following policy will be sent prior to booking.

1. All deposits are half the total amount and are non-refundable remaining balance must be paid 7 days before event.


2. We are a store front and there is no Loitering out front of the Venue or anywhere in the parking lot at any time.


3. No smoking inside facility


4. If you need to cancel for any reason, we will allow one schedule change and it must be booked within 6 months of the original date (Date must be available) there will be a $25 fee for contract changes


5. All clients and their guests are expected to be out of the facility at their agreed time stated in the contract no one shall enter the venue before their agreed contract time 


6. All decorations are prohibited from being placed directly on the walls or TVs as well as no furniture such Chairs, Tables or other any fixtures against the walls


7. We ask our clients to discard all trash from their event into the dumpster located at the end of the parking lot.

8.No trash or food shall be discarded in any sink inside the facility


9. We do utilize a lockbox and each client will be held responsible for the key during their contractual time at the facility.


10. Balance must be paid in full 7 days before your event if we have the right to cancel your event and deposit will not be refunded


11. We require a holding fee of $200 that will be returned once facility is inspected, and all other rules and procedures were upheld if any policy or procedure is not upheld the $200 holding will be retained.

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